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About Me.

I've known from a young age that I wanted to work in a profession that helps others meet their full potential, one that sees people when they feel invisible, and  advocates for those who have difficulties or are unable to advocate for themselves.


Immediately following my undergraduate training, I worked for a child residential facility, where I witnessed significant pain and also hope. This experience confirmed my desire to pursue graduate training in clinical psychology. Through the years in working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, I've discovered that we can hold onto hope even when experiencing the most painful and challenging circumstances. However, it's easy to lose sight of that hope when overwhelmed with grief, traumatic stress, or even daily responsibilities. My goal is to help others rediscover their hope in whatever areas they've lost it.


Throughout my graduate training, I sought a variety of experiences with individuals from all walks of life. After graduation, I pursued more specialized training in trauma and the integration of psychology and spirituality. In recent years, I've developed an interest in women's health (including fertility, perinatal and postpartum issues), and parenting.


In both my personal and professional worlds, I view myself as a fellow human who makes mistakes and tries to do (and be) better. One of my primary goals is to be rooted in grace and compassion for myself and others. Thus, the name of my private practice, Rooted in Grace Psychological Services. For more information on my clinical practice, click here.








Psy.D., Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Regent University

MA Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Regent University


BS Psychology and Christian Social Ministries, Campbellsville University




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